Do you feel paralysed by decision fatigue?

SATIB InsuranceProducts Guesthouse Do you feel paralysed by decision fatigue?

Do you feel paralysed by decision fatigue?

Do you feel paralysed by decision fatigue?

COVID-19 has added layers of uncertainty and stress to everyday decision-making processes. Here, US strategist and decision fatigue expert, Jodi Hume discusses tactics and strategies to escape one’s ‘snarl’ of emotions and take the first step towards actionable clarity. Joining Jodi are SATIB General Manager, Natasha Parry; Andrew Booth of KZN Trail Running; and owner of Hide-Away Guest House in Knysna, Colleen Harding.

A message from Jodi to SATIB webinar attendees

Jodi has developed a dedicated page on her website for the SATIB webinar attendees. Visit her site here:

On this site, you will find a personal message from her as well as the articles and resources she mentioned in the webinar.

“Don’t be a stranger, and please PLEASE, don’t suffer alone. Reach out. If not to me, to someone. These times are hard, but you are not alone. Keep up your hope. Take exceedingly good care of yourself. Try all SEVEN kinds of rest mentioned in the article below. And trust that it takes a village to do a lot more things than just raise a child. ????,” she said.

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