Auctions, veld or boma cover

We offer auctions, veld and boma insurance for short periods or annual cover. This ensures that all situations are covered while the animals are in quarantine for international translocation, are pending sale or delivery, at auctions, in breeding camps or in the boma.

Capture risks

If any type of accident, injury, or any other form of loss occurs during the capturing procedure, ensure that coverage will assist in any liabilities. Capture risk insurance is for mortality during capture. This is a very sensitive subject and the utmost caution should be practised when in the responsibility of an animal’s life or well-being.

Fire, storm and lightning

Forest fires started by lightning effects millions of acres annually and destroys habitats and properties on a large scale. Mining, power outages, nuclear power plants and more can also be affected by lightning. Fire cover insurance is a restricted weather cover for those looking to protect against the uncontrollable.

Breeding facilities

SATIB offers this type of cover for breeding facilities for specific types of animals with a specific status. They are either rare, an endangered species or have a high-mortality risk.

Spread of disease cover

A wildlife disease that can be transmitted to humans is a zoonotic disease. These can enter your body in various ways and cover needs to be thought about in case this happens. The spread of disease is fast in the wild and precautions need to be taken. This cover also ensures that you are protected against claims from a third party for any disease contracted from your animals.

Veterinary procedures

Veterinary procedures are animal protection operations that could involve chemical immobilisation and animal rescues in the veld, working on livestock or within specific wildlife breeding facilities. Wherever these veterinary procedures are carried out, they are all in aid of animal protection.

Transport risks

Transport risk insurance is to protect against claims for mortality during loading, unloading or transportation. There are a series of transportation risks that have to be taken into account when transporting subjects like livestock and it is best to be safe about the outcome.

Herd of bulls

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