Web Based Products

Daily Cover

An innovative, online insurance portal which provides clients with the flexibility to tailor their daily insurance needs. Clients are provided with the option to control their daily cover needs by either taking out or ‘topping up’ on the following risk cover:

Passenger Liability Cover

Insurance cover that protects you if you are found negligent for the bodily injury of any fare paying passenger being transported in a vehicle that you or an employee are driving.

General Public Liability Cover

Insurance cover that protects you against litigation and awards arising from a third party who may suffer injuries whilst in your care/custody and control.

Motor Passenger Accident Cover

Insurance cover that provides compensation (regardless of negligence) for accidental death and disablement to any person travelling in a vehicle owned or operated by the person/entity purchasing the cover. (This product was put together to cater for the changes in the road accident fund – and to continue to provide protection to the tourism sector.)

Daily Evacuation Cover

First for industry DAILY insurance that covers Evacuation and Medical Expenses incurred in the movement of the Insured person/s to an appropriate medical facility following illness or accident. The cover limit is R200,000 per person per incident and charged at R50 per person per day.

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Professional Guides

Gain immediate access to various tailor-made insurance cover options, whether you are full-time employed or self-employed. You can select your preferred insurance cover option, and then click on the sign up button to apply. 

SATIB Travel Insurance

SATIB Travel Insurance provides travel insurance cover for individual leisure travellers as well as individual business and also corporate travellers.

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