SATIB24 Crisis Call

“One only really understands the benefits of this service when it is made use of and guests’ lives are saved.

As a SATIB client you have access to SATIB24 membership which allows access to our 24/7 Operations Centre ensuring customers have a direct line to doctors, nurses and security professionals in a crisis, as well as a trusted source of global support and advice. In case you think it won’t happen to you, we deal with over 40 incidents a month, 5 of which require critical intervention because of the potential loss of life, limb, property or the one most seldom considered, reputation.

The Operations Centre provides the coordination of an integrated network of emergency medical, security and incident management specialists who cohesively and seamlessly manage multiple resources and responses to ensure the best potential outcome of any incident.

When can SATIB24 help?

Got an emergency?
SATIB24 is your first call. In an emergency, call +27 311 002370

How does SATIB24 help?

SATIB24 is a fully integrated Incident Management Operations Centre. We respond to incidents of all sizes to protect people, property, your business and your reputation.

The SATIB24 App

Part of this service is free access to SATIB24’s Mobile App, SPS SOS, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple, providing you with 24/7 direct access to SATIB24’s incident management service to improve response times in an emergency. The App has a built in panic button which you can activate in a crisis and it will send your GPS coordinates and policy details to SATIB24’s operations centre.


The SATIB24 team will deal with the emergency from A to Z from the medical service providers and response teams to the policy, press and next of kin.

Our Incident management team will see you through the entire incident, predict and advise on exposure post incident and guide you through effective media management. As one client mentioned: “You are not just a dispatch centre”.

Don’t leave yourself open to prosecution, litigation, or the collapse of business as potential clients seek the safety and security of businesses that appear to value customers and staff more.

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