Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Your home and your vehicle are two of the largest assets you will acquire in your lifetime. We know that protecting your home and assets from criminals and unpredictable weather patterns is often beyond your control and protecting your vehicle from accidental damage is becoming increasingly challenging. Insurance is often the only way of protecting yourself against financial loss as a result of theft, fire or third party liability. Contact one of our specialist brokers who will listen to what it is you require, what is affordable and then match you up with the appropriate product.

Leisure Estates

Encompassing golf, wildlife or a combination of the two and the many unique risk exposures that are applicable to both.  Whether the structure is on a sectional title or share-block basis, SATIB are well experienced to provide the appropriate risk advice and insurance cover structures based on being market leaders in this sector in Southern Africa.

Health & Wealth

Life presents us with unexpected turns therefore we need to make provision for these unforeseen challenges. Risks associated with life and health are not pleasant to think about but they do play a significant role both in your business and personal life. The results could be disastrous if they are not properly insured and manged. SATIB Health and Wealth offers Healthcare consulting, Buy and Sell Insurance, Key Person Cover, Personal Life & Disability Cover, Personal Liability Cover and Investment and Retirement solutions.

Aloe Healthcare Insurance for Africa

Aloe Medical Insurance plans have been designed to cater for the specialised needs of businesses operating in the tourism and hospitality industry in Africa. Our affordable plans are packed with essential health care benefits covering hospitalisation and evacuation for each and every employee, whatever their nationality and wherever they are in Africa. (Excluding South African nationals working/ living in South Africa)

International Life, Pensions & Medical

SATIB Insurance Brokers Brokers, Aloe Healthcare and International Assurance offer an offshore Life, Pensions/ Saving and Healthcare Plan. This provides a cost effective solution for employees and individuals working across Africa. The flexible savings scheme allows for an unlimited range of investment choices, which can be managed by investors, professional advisors or default to risk profiled funds.

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