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SATIB24 vs SECURA Traveller: Choosing the Right Travel Security Solution


Travel security is a top concern for many. You might already be familiar with the SECURA Traveller app, a tool for tourists visiting South Africa. But did you know we also offer a comprehensive service called SATIB24? With both options on the table, we hear you – it can be confusing to know which service is the right fit for your needs.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to shed light on the functionalities of each service.

Understanding the difference

While both services prioritise user safety, they target different situations and user groups:

  • SATIB24: This comprehensive crisis management service is exclusive to SATIB clients. It offers 24/7 emergency medical, security, and incident management assistance, catering to individuals and businesses. SATIB24 is included as part of your existing SATIB security package, or available as an add-on for a fee. Visit for more information.
  • SECURA Traveller: This mobile app focuses on tourist safety within South Africa. It connects users to emergency response and support services nationwide. The SECURA Traveller App is available for download at R49 per download and valid for a 30-day period. Visit for more information.

Why choose SATIB24?

  • Comprehensive crisis management: SATIB24 goes beyond emergency response. The integrated Operations Centre offers a complete crisis management solution, including medical monitoring, legal support, counselling, and reputation management.
  • 24/7 support for individuals and businesses: SATIB24 caters to both individual and business clients, providing a safety net during any emergency.
  • Free mobile app with panic button: The included mobile app grants easy access to SATIB24 services, featuring a panic button for immediate assistance.

Why choose SECURA Traveller?

  • Nationwide tourist safety in South Africa: Focuses specifically on tourist emergencies within South Africa, offering a network of emergency responders, support staff, and logistical facilitators.
  • Mobile app with panic button: Similar to SATIB24, SECURA Traveller offers a mobile app with a panic button for immediate assistance.
  • Cost-effective option for tourists: The app is available for download at a competitive price, making it an affordable safety solution for your short-term visitors.

Choosing a service

The appropriate choice depends on your specific needs:

  • For comprehensive crisis management assistance for individuals or businesses, including medical, security, and incident management, choose SATIB24.
  • For your short-term visitors seeking emergency response and support services specifically within South Africa, choose SECURA Traveller.

This table clarifies the differences:

FeatureSATIB24SECURA Traveller
Target AudienceSATIB Clients (Individuals & Businesses)Tourists in South Africa
ServicesEmergency Medical, Security, Incident Management, Medical Monitoring, Legal Support, CounsellingEmergency Response, Support Staff (Ambassadors & Translators), Logistical Facilitators
Mobile AppFree with panic buttonAvailable for purchase (R49) for 30 days with panic button
PriceIncluded in SATIB security package or available as an add-onR49

Both SATIB24 and SECURA Traveller offer valuable services to enhance travel safety. By understanding their distinct functionalities, you can choose the solution that best suits your travel needs and destination.

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