World Female Ranger Week: Celebrating the unsung heroines of conservation


Photo credit: How Many Elephants (The Black Mambas with Holly Budge)

As the sun rises over the African savannah, a group of women set out on foot, their eyes scanning the horizon. These are no ordinary women; they’re wildlife rangers, the guardians of our natural heritage.

World Female Ranger Week takes place from 23-30 June 2024 – the perfect opportunity for SATIB Insurance Brokers to take a moment to recognise the incredible women who dedicate their lives to protecting our wildlife and natural spaces. These courageous rangers stand on the front lines of conservation, facing dangers daily to safeguard Africa’s precious ecosystems.

The changing face of conservation

Female rangers are breaking new ground in the traditionally male-dominated world of wildlife protection. They make up a mere 11% of the global ranger workforce, yet their impact reverberates far beyond the boundaries of the reserves they protect. These women are safeguarding wildlife while changing attitudes, empowering communities, and inspiring the future of conservation.

Meet some of Africa’s female rangers

Caren Yegon Cheptoo: A Maasai trailblazer

At just 21, Caren is already a stand-out amongst her peers. As part of the Mara Elephant Project in Kenya, she’s taking on illegal loggers and bushmeat poachers with remarkable success. Since 2020, Caren and her team have removed hundreds of snares and made numerous arrests. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and the impact one person can have.

Janet Sakala: Defying expectations in Zambia

For Janet, 35, becoming a ranger was more than a career choice – it was a lifeline. After losing her parents at 15, Janet found purpose as a dog handler in Zambia’s Conservation South Luangwa. Despite facing cultural challenges, she perseveres, supporting her family and proving women belong in every aspect of conservation work.

The challenges these women face

Life as a female ranger isn’t easy. These professionals confront dangers regularly, from armed poachers to unpredictable wildlife. They spend long periods away from their families, often battling social stigma and workplace security issues. Yet they persist, driven by a passion for wildlife and a commitment to preserving our natural world for future generations.

About SATIB Ranger Protect: Safeguarding those who safeguard nature

At SATIB, we believe in supporting these incredible women – and all rangers – in their vital work. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa to create Ranger Protect, a groundbreaking insurance product tailored specifically for Africa’s rangers. Ranger Protect is not your average insurance policy – it’s peace of mind for those who put their lives on the line every day. Here’s what makes it unique:

1. 24/7 coverage: Unlike traditional policies, Ranger Protect offers round-the-clock coverage, even when rangers are off duty.

2. Wide-reaching protection: Currently available in 11 African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, with plans to expand further.

3. Comprehensive benefits: From life insurance to disability cover, Ranger Protect ensures rangers and their families are taken care of, come what may.

4. Affordable and accessible: Easily accessible for rangers across the continent, with flexible payment options to suit various needs.

By providing this crucial safety net, we aim to boost rangers’ confidence and morale, allowing them to focus on their important work without worrying about what might happen to their families if the unthinkable occurs.

As we celebrate World Female Ranger Week, let’s remember our support can make a world of difference. These women aren’t just protecting wildlife; they’re preserving our planet’s biodiversity, promoting sustainable tourism, and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

To all the female rangers out there: we see you, we appreciate you, and we stand with you. Your courage and commitment are changing the world, one patrol at a time.

Want to make a difference? Here’s how you can support rangers in the field:

1. Spread awareness about the vital work of female rangers.

2. Support responsible tourism initiatives in protected areas.

3. Consider contributing to ranger support programmes.

For more information on how you can get involved or to learn more about Ranger Protect, please contact us at Together, we can ensure those who protect our natural heritage are protected themselves.

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